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Mini-Review: In a Class of His Own

IMDB's plot summary:

Rich Donato is the high school janitor at an Oregon high school. He is looked up to by the kids who often seek his advice. There is only one problem. He doesn't have a high school diploma. The school board tells him that he must get his GED in 30 days or he will lose his job. He tries taking the test on his own, but fails. His wife rallies the community to help Rich pass the test. Now that Rich has help from teachers and students, there is nothing he can't do.

The Film in Pictures:

Check out the "creative" face hair. Clearly the man is an artist. Also the jersey. Not enough can be said about the jersey.

So earnest. So goateed.

Will the hilarity never cease? The acting here is pure genius. (and I haven't even seen this movie).

Aww, look at him study! You go, Mr. Janitor-person. You pass that GED!

And there you go: the happy ending to it all.

Corinne's thoughts on this film:

A heartwarming tale of one of the stupidest people in our country, a janitor who inexplicably has his own office, which proves that you don't have to be able to tie your own shoes to have amazing abs.

My summary of Corinne's further thoughts on this film (discussed over coffee):

The man had his own office! Or it could have been a storage room. I don't know, there was a chalkboard in it.

ME: Did he draw diagrams planning out his janitorial strategy?
Corinne: No.

Corinne: Didn't you say a monkey could pass the GED?
Me: Yes. A brain-dead monkey.
Corinne: Ah. But he's a janitor.
Me: Different.

As far as I could tell, he might have been the head janitor. I didn't see any other janitors, after all.

Final Thoughts:
I totally have to see this movie. It highlights the bond I have with Lou. I got my GED, he played someone who was too slow to get his GED...it's like fate.
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