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Review-ish: Wolf Lake!!! Episode One

Alright, this isn't really a review, per se. I mean, I did watch the episode, but I'm totally waiting for Cori to do a full review.

However, it was just as amazing as I had remember.

I forced my boyfriend to watch it with me, and he even enjoyed it. Although, he made fun of Lou's acting in the dramatic opening sequence, a crime punishable by death. However, he's really cute, so I decided to spare him.

Anyway, the highlights of Meat the Parents (oh, the wonder of puns!):

Mia Kirschner! (Hotter than hotness)
The girl who plays Sophia (Intellectually hot)
Lou on a motorcycle! (Hot enough to cause an aneurysm)
The lounge singer who's always in jail for some reason (I had forgotten that wonderful tidbit)
The Shaman! (They never get old)

And last, but certainly not least:
Werewolf regeneration!
I mean, what? Super strong, sure. But people don't regenerate. And wolves don't regenerate. So I'm kind of missing where werewolves got that power.
Nonetheless, it led to a totally rocking scene, so I'm on board 100%.

Final comment:
My boyfriend: There's a lot of nudity in this show.

I know, right? I mean, it was on CBS.
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